Jacob Karaul

My name is Jacob Karaul. I am a senior Computer Engineering major at Union College in Schenectady, NY. This website serves as an online portfolio to present projects that I've completed or that I'm currently working on.

About Me

I was born in New Jersey, however my family moved to Geneva, Switzerland and remained there for 4 years. We then moved to New York City, where I attended school up to and including sixth grade. We then moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where I completed middle and high school at the International School of Bangkok (ISB). I returned to America for college, where my story is still unfolding. The opportunity to live all around the world has made socializing with new people and experiencing diverse cultures a lifetime hobby of mine. I myself am half-Korean and half-Turkish (people often ask).

I am very interested in both the hardware and software side of computer engineering, however more than anything I like broadening my horizons. The best way to immerse oneself in a foreign topic is through active research and development, which is why I like to spend my free time working on side projects.

"I have never ran into a person, who was just a person."

-- Professor James Hedrick